What do Queen Elizabeth and Agent 007 have in common? Their love for Jaguars.

It is impossible to argue with both Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty's Agent 007, James Bond - the Jaguar XJ is one of the most comfortable, luxurious and powerful British automobiles. Now you can rent a top-of-the-line XJ, with a private driver, for your wedding, anniversary, business relations, or any other special occasion in Southcentral and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Book yours now by clicking on the button below. Fancy a ride? We will roll out the red carpet for you and your passengers - every time!

Queen Elizabeth II driving her Jaguar XJ8 and getting out of her Daimler V8 at Windsor.

A Jaguar XJ8 in James Bond movie Casino Royale.


Our focus is on Jaguar's XJ flagship model, and in particular on the company's "modern classics", starting with the X300 model (1994-1997) and ending with the X358 (2007-2009).


Located about half an hour east of Birmingham, in the West Midlands of England, Coventry is the global headquarters and historical manufacturing center of Jaguar Cars.


Please reserve your Jaguar XJ as early as possible in advance, especially for Friday and Saturday events. 


We believe that when you rent a very special, classic vehicle like the Jaguar XJ for your private or business occasion, you should receive the best limousine service you will ever experience. Simply stated, it should be bloody brilliant! So, here is our commitment to you:

We will serve your favorite drink - a bottle of water, a soda, a glass of wine or a beer. Shaken, not stirred?

We will provide you and your fellow passengers with a selection of British and European snacks. 

We will have your favorite newspaper or magazine ready for you. It doesn't even have to be British.

We will play your favorite music during the ride. Beatles or Rolling Stones? Or you can enjoy the silence.

We will roll out the red carpet for you - when you step in and when you step out of our Jaguars. You will feel like royalty.

We can install Ambassador-style country flags on the Jaguar's hood - American, British and other flags upon request.

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